Louise Hopkins

by aucourantarts

Altering everyday objects such as newspapers, comics and maps by ripping, painting over and drawing onto is what British artist Louise Hopkins is most known for, dealing with the idea of making the ordinary extra-ordinary comes to mind when looking at her work.I recently read an interview in which Hopkins denied the interviewer access to her ‘stash’ of ‘interesting materials’ simply stating, “‘For me, it would make the process impossible, to show people things before I work on them.” This made me question why, as surely we have all seen a map or a sheet of graph paper before. Prehaps it is in these everyday objects that Hopkins sees something which most of us don’t, something which most of us miss because they are just that, everyday objects. Each of the sources Hopkins chooses to deconstruct/re-construct/alter have their own set of codes, to which they abide by, and its these codes which Hopkins takes so much care into manipulating. Through theses choices that Hopkins makes we are left with unique and almost delicate pieces of work.