Marine Hugonnier

by aucourantarts

Marine Hugonnier is a French artist whose practice doesn’t stick to one medium. In the series Art for Modern Architecture (2004-on going) Hugonnier deals with the relationship between text and image, something which I have also been interested in within my own practice. Whilst looking at newspapers (something which I have spent all of my second year fine art degree doing) I have become increasing fascinated in what happens if you take the only function of a newspaper away, the function of reporting news. For Hugonnier, “the image always comes the promise of an excess of meaning a resistance to its subjection to a purpose of commerce, propaganda and ideology – in short, the spectacle.” ( The relationship between the descriptive and the deceptive is common within newspaper photographs, by removing and replacing the photographs with blocks of colour, I believed that we as the spectator are no longer easily influenced by the text. Like myself, Hugonnier works in certain time scales, a lot of the pieces in Art for Modern Architecture are edited over a week, one a day. Through obstructing the photograph Hugonnier removes the role of the press image, she does this through screen printing a geometric shape over where the photo originally had been placed. This series is in fact called Art for Modern Architecture (Homage to Ellsworth Kelly) and this is obviously evident though the choices she has made regarding covering up the image. Within my own practice I am interested in using a similar process as Hugonnier, covering the press image or text through paint or editing on Photoshop, prehaps using colours and what we associate colours with to replicate the tone of article.